Kamal Thapen
Kamal ThapenMember of the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique.
Alexander Technique lessons at Harley Street, Clapham and Old Street
Clinical trial results published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ, doi:10.1136/bmj.a884) show that Alexander Technique lessons provide long-term benefit for chronic back pain sufferers.
Of all the approaches tested, 24 Alexander Technique lessons proved to be most beneficial.
Questions and Answers about the ATEAM back pain trial

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Improve your Running with the Alexander Technique Workshops
I offer lessons in the Alexander Technique at Harley Street in the West End, Clapham in South London, and near Old Street in the City.

  • for pain
  • for posture
  • for performance

The technique is a method of overcoming habitual patterns of posture and thought.

Learning and applying the technique leads to less tension throughout the body, and is very useful for postural problems to make you feel light and poised. Though not a therapy the Alexander Technique can also be beneficial for conditions like anxiety, high blood pressure, some migraines, asthma, arthritis, back/neck/shoulder aches or problems, some voice disorders, repetitive strain injury and joint problems. Although actors, dancers and musicians use it to enhance performance, many people use it simply to gain relief from pain.

Illustrations are from Alexander Technique in Everyday Activity: Improve How You Sit, Stand, Walk, Work and Run, a book by Dr Sean Carey, published by HITE Ltd.

  • Poise, vitality and coordination improve
  • Breathing and speaking become easier
  • Movement becomes freer, lighter and more enjoyable

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or wish to arrange an introductory session.

I am also the Assistant Head of the City Alexander Technique School (CityATS) at Old Street, EC1V 2PH. Please contact me if you are interested in training to become an Alexander teacher. Further information at: www.cityats.org